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Drugs, nutritional supplements and services, specifically for reproductive medicine. Safe, efficacious and especially easy-to-use fertility supporting therapies. Informative support to patients.

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Fertilland is a Company designed to become your partner of choice focused only in fertility treatment.
Our pharmaceutical knowledge and passion, make us your trusted source for the most innovative fertility products.
Our expertise allows us to be your reference of choice for information and education, throughout the stressful demands of the infertility process.

Innovative Medicine BOOST FERTILITY


Focused in the distribution of innovative medicine drugs and supplements, researched and developed to meet unmet medical needs, all our Products are clinically-proven to safely and effectively promote fertility and pregnancy success rate, and are produced according to strict International Guideline, based on EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) and in accordance with GPM, the highest quality standard for the production of pharmaceuticals.
Our goal is to make readily available to Clinicians and patients a reliable choice of the newest and most innovative proven effective products reaching the international fertility market.
Our mission is to provide trying to conceive couples with the information and tools they need to successfully conceive and to experience a healthy pregnancy


Supporting Patients ASK THE EXPERT


- Our Academic Pharmaceutical education, and professional competence in the International field both of Fertility and of Pharmaceutical Industry, allow us a thorough understanding of Human Fertility issues and the whole pharmacology involved: conventional medications, innovations, drugs composition and effectivness (the dosage, potential side effects, interactions etc.).
- Our awareness of the emotional involvement linked to fertility, is the result of years of close cooperation with field experts as Reproductive Endocrinologists and Specialists of human reproductive system and subsequent contact with their patients.
Our skills will provide you the professional answer to any concern around fertility may arise.




Sperm-work-out in just 3 months.
Unique patented formula optimizing male fertility. PROfertil®  is the first product on the market to combine all fertility-enhancing ingredients in a capsule. PROfertil® helps the body from the outset to produce healthy sperm, improves motility, volume & concentration of sperm cells.
A specific product category for special medical purpose – for the dietary management of fertility disorder in men, PROfertil ® is the result of a fruitful cooperation between clinicians and researchers of the Vienna University Hospital, based on the increased awareness of male fertility problems with the goal to develop an innovative product wich could improves male fertility.


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