Patented formula for male libido improvement based on L-Citrulline, Maritime Pine, vegetable extracts with antioxidant.

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Physiology of penile erection: Nitric oxide penetrates into the Intracavernosal smooth muscle where it activates the cGMP (Cyclic guanosine monophosphate) with a consequent effluence of Ca ++ and the subsequent relaxation effect on smooth muscle cells (as smooth muscles fibers relax, blood flow into the penis is promoted, and pressure increases, causing tumescence).

Erectile Dysfunction: decreased bioavailability of nitric oxide at the level of Intracavernosal smooth muscle cells.

ERECTOSAN™ promotes a suitable production of nitric oxide for the improvement of male libido functionality.

ERECTOSAN™ raises the levels of circulating nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide through the action of L-citrulline. The amino acid L-citrulline is capable of dose-dependently increase the amount of arginine provided for the synthesis of nitric oxide (the active ingredient that has the effect of dilating blood vessels, and thus enhance the flow of blood to the penis).  The integration of the arginine precursor has recently proved to be more effective than the traditional integration of arginine itself. Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster) extract titrated to 95% in anthocyanidins, improves blood flow and is associated with improvement in male libido disorders, sexual desire, ejaculation control,  providing a better physiological framework to allow erection optimization.
Folic acid contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

| Subjective improvement of erectile function tested by IIEF-5.
| Objective improvement of erectile function tested by FMV in the artery cavernosa demonstrated  by penile Doppler ultrasound.

| greater vasodilation and relaxation of smooth muscle intracavernous
| increased synthesis of nitric oxide thanks to a combined action of active ingredients
| more action on nitric oxide synthase| antioxidant effect

POSOLOGY:1-2 sachets a day, dissolved in water.

ERECTOSAN™ can be safely used by patients suffering  from vascular diseases, and ischemic heart.

ERECTOSAN™ is a product of ANDROSYSTEM S.r.l.


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