Specially developed to support Women
during Premenopause, Perimenopause and Postmenopause. MF11RCE® and low molecular weight HA

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The onset of menopause (climacteric) and its duration is different and individual for every woman. Although at different times, each woman enters the premenopause stage first, followed by the perimenopause, and ending with the postmenopause:
PREMENOPAUSE – approximately 5-10 years before the last menstrual period, usually between about 40 and 45 years of age. The production of hormones gradually declines during this phase and the cycle becomes more irregular.
PERIMENOPAUSE – one year before the last menstrual period and around one year following the last period.
POSTMENOPAUSE – from the perimenopause untill around the age of 65. This phase lasts about 12 years in total.

Due to the hormonal changes in women going through the menopause, they can be affected by physical symptoms that can severely impair their quality of life.
| Decline in performance, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances/ insomnia
| Mood swings, irritability, depression
| Hot flashes, excessive sweating, night sweats, changes in the distribution of body fat, weight gain
| Dryness of the hair and mucous membranes (e.g. vaginal dryness, dry eye), pain during sexual intercourse
| Loss of libido
| Joint complaints
| Osteoporosis (bone-thinning), heart diseases

High evidence efficacy by studies* with MF11RCE®

MENOPEARL® exclusive combination of standardized red clover extract MF11RCE® and standardized, highly bioavailable HA, relieves the major symptoms of menopausal women as well as age related appearance concerns such as skin aging.
MF11RCE® – is obtained from selected red clover plants (from the European Union) of precisely determined and controlled ratio and purity of the four most important isoflavones: formononetin, biochanin A, genistein and daidzein.
GAP/GMP standars. Quality made in Switzerland
HA (Hyaluronic acid) – The hyaluronic acid content stands out due to its low and standardized molecular weight. | has excellent bioavailability – 68% after 24 hours.
| is obtained through biofermentation and is free from animal constituents.
Quality made in Switzerland

POSOLOGY:1 tablet once a day, with some liquid, either with or after a meal.

MENOPEARL® should be taken for at least 2 months to allow its supportive effects to develop, is safe to take long-term and is very well tolerated.

MENOPEARL® is free from animal constituents and lactose.

Isoflavones are recommended for the treatment of menopausal symptoms by the International Menopause Society.
| If there is an estrogen deficiency, the isoflavones dock on the estrogen receptors, where they produce effects similar to the body‘s own female hormones but in a diluted form.
| If the estrogen level is elevated, these receptors are occupied likewise. In this case, however, the body‘s own estrogen can no longer dock on the receptors.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) verifies the safety of isoflavones when taken long-term.

*The efficacy of MF11RCE® has been proven in scientific studies at the Landsteiner Institute*: Find further information about the research on MF11CRE® at:

MENOPEARL® is a product of Lenus Pharma GsmbH


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