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imgThere are various reasons why a woman has difficulties to conceive. Often enough has nothing to do with dysfunction of reproductive organs, but instead can be attribuited to the fact that the complex body system simply isn’t ready to conceive a baby. And there are many reasons for this – particularly in women.

PROfertil female® – developed to optimise a woman’s readiness to conceive

PROfertil® female, based on the results of scientific researches to optimize a woman’s readiness to conceive – is a special preparation developed to cover the specific nutritional requirements of women before and at the beginning of a pregnancy.

1Regular cycle ovulation – Determinant to achieve pregnancy is a constant cycle.
Selenium contained in PROfertil® female contribute to balance metabolism stabilizing cycle.

2Fertilisation of egg cell – The egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube. Then is asked to travel a great distance:
passes through the fallopian tube and travels toward the mold cavity. PROfertil® female positively affects the thickness of the endometrium and improves blood circulation. Catechins have anti-inflammatory and anti thrombotic activity, reduce blood pressure and lipids. Additionally, the components act as natural remedy against PCOS, a metabolic disorder that causes infertility.


Implantation/preparation of pregancy – During implantation may occur malformations in brain and spinal cord. Folic acid reduces the risk.

According to current studies, fatty acids omega-3 minimize the risk of preeclampsia (“preeclampsia”), frequent symptom of which is hypertension.

Increase in libido – Some couples end up feeling a particular pressure trying for a long time to ensure a succesful acquisition of a child. Close contact does not merely reflect the desire for the partner but become the medium coupleto procreation. However, if the sexual act is not only seen as an ” attempt to obtain a child”, then converted again into an enjoyable and relaxed process for couples . This positive psychology constitutes a prominent success factor that should not be underestimated , as it positively affects the circulation of hormones and counteract the potential psychological and physical difficulties of pregnancy .

PROfertil® female is a nutraceutical (Food for Special Nutritional Uses), developed by Lenus Pharma GmbH (Ltd) – Vienna, specialised in the research and development of innovative products meeting unmet medical needs.

As for all Lenus Pharma nutraceuticals, PROfertil® female is based on Evidence Based Medicine and produced according to strict International Guidelines.

Evidence Based Medicine EBM:circle

PROfertil® female is based on scientific and clinical studies, pubblished in renowned journals.

Good Manifacturing Practice GMP:

PROfertil® female is produced in accordance with GPM, the highest quality standard for the production of pharmaceuticals, so from the selection of raw materials to final product, the highest quality requirement are insured.


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