Restoring female fertility

PROfertil® female - An ideal combination developed to optimise a woman’s readiness
to conceive.

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Unique patented formula optimizing female fertility

Designed for the specific need of women who wish to have a child and are facing difficulties to conceive due to disturbance of the endocrine system or oxidative stress – or accompanying an ART treatment, PROfertil® female creates ideal conditions for a successful conception.

A viable pregnancy is the combination of many perfectly coordinated physical processes, all of which must occur in a correct rhythm. These include a regular cycle, the maturing of the female ovum and the man’s sperm, as well as ovulation, the path of the egg through the fallopian tube and the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine lining.
Due to the fact that these processes have to run precisely in harmony, there are many stumbling blocks on the path to a successful pregnancy. With PROfertil® female, it is possible to reduce or eliminate these stumbling blocks step by step, and to significantly improve the possibility of a successful pregnancy.

PROfertil® female Improves the oocyte quality – superior to pure folic acid – improves embryo quality – increases the possibility of a successful conception and pregnancy


With PROfertil® female – cycle is restored back to a steady rhythm – ovulation is optimised - implantation condition is initiated – libido is stimulated – pregnancy complications are reduced

PROfertil® female is a product of Lenus Pharma GsmbH


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