Restoring male fertility

PROfertil® - improves motility, morphology,
count & volume of sperm,
reduce DNA fragmentation in sperm cells

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The WHO defines infertility as “The failure to conceive following twelve months of regular unprotected intercourse.”
If the couple still cannot conceive after one year of unprotected sex, a medical assessment should be carried out to analyse all options in detail, in order to establish an accurate diagnosis, and ensure successful treatment.
In couples with infertility, male infertility contributes to nearly half of all cases.
The production of sperm is the result of a long process that begins in the epididymis (testes). This process takes approximately 2-3 months until the sperm cells are fully developed, which is a long period of time where any disturbance may have fatal consequences compromising the quality of sperm and therefore conception.

PROfertil® is the first product on the market to combine all fertility-enhancing ingredients in a capsule.
PROfertil® helps the body from the outset to produce healthy sperm, improves motility, volume & concentration of sperm cells, increases the possibility of successful conception and pregnancy, has a positive effect on the embryonic

| improves motility, morphology, count and volume of sperm
| reduces DNA fragmentation in sperm cells
| increases the possibility of successful conception and pregnancy
| ø 25% pregnancy rate in the PROfertil® studies
| present in over 60 countries
| more than 900,000 therapies worldwide

Composition scientifically proven by clinical trials and published in medical journals:
PROfertil® is a product of Lenus Pharma GsmbH


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