Eases the fear of needles

SOFTINJECT® - Auto injector for the subcutaneous and/or intracavernous injection of pharmaceuticals.

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The safety ring prevents the accidental click and unwanted discharge of the drug.
| Patented system aimed at keeping the needle sterile until the moment of self-injection and during transport.
| The automatic penetration of the needle and the physiological injection of the drug (approximately 11 seconds) make for a completely painless injection during the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
| The SOFTINJECT® uses a BD 1 ml or similar plastic syringe with a 27g fixed needle. The length of penetration of the needle can be adjusted into 4 different positions and has a transparent tip for identifying the optimal position for self – injection.

Auto injectors from the SOFTINJECT series allow, with the simple push of a button, the simultaneous injection of needle and drug in the chosen area. The fact that the needle is completely invisible and the injection of the pharmaceutical physiological (approximately 11 seconds) makes for a completely painless injection.

SOFTINJECT® is a product of Androsystems S.r.l.

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